Are You a Marriage "Team Partner"?

The most important "team" you'll ever find yourself on is in your marriage, so it's worth investing time and effort into being the best team you can be. Read-on to find out five ways you can embrace marriage as a team, from Huffington Post reporter Ashleigh Slater: Get on the same page: Anyone will tell you compatibility is key, especially when it comes to hopes and dreams. Does your partner have similar goals and hopes for the future? Enjoy something new: Trying new things as a couple can bond you and widen your horizons. By stepping out of our comfort zones with our partner, we're saying, "I trust you." Choose lightheartedness: Lightheartedness isn't just enjoying laughter with your partne

What's Your Happiness "Set Point"?

Did you know you have a happiness "set point"? I didn't either, til recently. Turns out, researchers have been studying the subject and have found that about 50% of our happiness is genetically-set, and about 50% comes from our environment and experiences. So, when we reach adulthood, most of us have what could be considered a happiness "set point." Let's say (on a scale from 0-10) you inherited a happiness factor of 7, but your life experiences have been mostly negative - let's say a 3. Your happiness "set point" is likely to hover around 5. Researchers have found that, regardless of what happens to you in adulthood, you're likely to come back to your "set point" every time. Death of a love

When Did You Last Experience "Leisure?"

When was the last time you looked over the holiday cards you've received? Since it's July, it's probably been a while. But, think back - what did most of them have in common? The word, "busy." Seems I never receive a card that talks about all the leisure time families have - instead, they're all about how busy, busy, busy everyone is (and, I admit, I have been known to do the same). But, did you know a lack of leisure is really, REALLY bad for your health? Turns out, brain scans show a lack of leisure actually shrinks the pre-frontal cortex, which is your judgement center. NOT relaxing means you run the risk of making bad judgements. But, what IS leisure, anyway? Turns out, it's not just the

What's in Your Chest of Drawers?

I'll never forget trying to leave the house when my third child was an infant - as I started to walk out the door, I noticed he was crying (the "I need you now!" cry), and I hesitated to see how quickly my husband would respond. Turns out, he was putting groceries away at that moment, and didn't even seem to acknowledge the baby's cry - to my astonishment. When I asked, "Hey, you gonna get that?" he stared at me and very matter-of-factly told me he'd get to it as soon as all the groceries were put away. OK--this blew my mind. In my world, you put the groceries down, tend to the child, then resume when the baby's calm. But, in my husband's mind, there was a task half-done, and that task neede

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