Facebook-You VS. the Real-You

We write a lot about conflict on our blog (it's a conflict resolution blog, after all!). But, I fear we don't pay enough attention to our inner conflicts - those that we fight in our heads and hearts.

One of the most common inner conflicts is how we present ourselves to others vs. how we really feel about ourselves. The conversation is appropriate, after all, considering how many people have a "Facebook-self" or "Instagram-Self" that's far different from their "real" selves.

Sure, we all like to present ourselves to others in a way that puts our best face forward. But, what happens when that "face" is so different from the one we actually see in the mirror?

When I have children in session, I'll often ask them to draw "How others see me" and then "How I see me." Even from the perspective of a child, one can see the inner conflict.

Oftentimes, they draw a happy, smiling face in the first picture and a sad, angry face in the latter. Inner conflict starts early, I'm afraid.

I write this to say - this is normal. We all want to present our best selves to the world. But, what can we do to create an inner self that's just as great? If your "two selves" are very different, why is that so? What are you hiding from the world?

It's a good question to ponder every now and again on your journey to self-discovery. When our inner selves mirror our best selves, then we've REALLY resolved the inner conflict.


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