What a Relief! Learning How to Apologize

I'll admit I'm a newcomer to the whole "apologizing" movement. For many years, it would be almost physically painful to admit I was wrong - even now, I can't really explain why.

Now, I see that same trait in my middle child - when it's clear an apology is in order, I can see her cringe, fidget, and generally fuss about doing it. And, when it DOES happen, it's usually comes out sarcastically (she's a work in progress).

I can completely relate to her. Sometimes, it's hard to say those two little words - "I'm sorry." As easily as they come to others, for some, they can be intimidating, shaming, and embarrassing.

All that brings me to the relief I felt when I finally learned how to apologize - and mean it! Thanks to my husband leading by example, I soon learned how to simply say, "I'm sorry" when I messed up. When I tried it, the world didn't stop spinning on its axis! Instead, I felt relief that I'd finally become comfortable with admitting I mess up. And, it's OK.

So, here I am - a reformed apologizer... and, I get better and better every day. Being comfortable with saying, "I'm sorry" means I'm comfortable with admitting I mess up.

And, what a relief it is!


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