What's In a Negative?

I've always been a big fan of Mother Theresa (who isn't?), and when I heard something about her recently, it made me admire her even more.

Apparently, when asked if she would attend an Anti-War rally, she used to say, "No, but when you hold a Pro-Peace rally, count me in!"

Why would she say this? After all, what's wrong with an Anti-War rally!?

Turns out, when we focus on the negative (even if it's "anti"-negative), our minds still register the negative thought. Better said: just the MENTION of a negative thought can prompt the mind to focus on the negative.

Instead, those who want to attract positive thoughts and energy make a habit of evading negative thoughts and focusing exclusively on the positive.

Remember Mother Theresa? She knew an Anti-War rally was still focused around war, which was a highly negative concept. Instead, she encouraged others to focus on a positive construct: Peace.

There are hundreds of little moments when we can use the power of positive thinking, even daily. Instead of "punishing" bad behavior in our children, how can we "encourage" good behavior? Instead of worrying about how to "save" a failing marriage, how can you "strengthen" the parts of your marriage that are going well? Instead of focusing on what our politicians are doing wrong, what about acknowledging what they're doing right?

Try it, and see what happens. Mother Theresa couldn't be that off-base, after all!


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