When Did You Last Experience "Leisure?"

When was the last time you looked over the holiday cards you've received? Since it's July, it's probably been a while. But, think back - what did most of them have in common? The word, "busy."

Seems I never receive a card that talks about all the leisure time families have - instead, they're all about how busy, busy, busy everyone is (and, I admit, I have been known to do the same).

But, did you know a lack of leisure is really, REALLY bad for your health? Turns out, brain scans show a lack of leisure actually shrinks the pre-frontal cortex, which is your judgement center. NOT relaxing means you run the risk of making bad judgements.

But, what IS leisure, anyway? Turns out, it's not just the "absence" of work, like one time researcher says. Instead, it's your "perception" of time. Were you doing something you enjoy, just because you enjoy it (not because you have five minutes to check your Facebook account in the doctor's waiting room)? If so, you may have experienced leisure.

This relates directly to conflict - if we're so busy that we can't experience any leisure, then we're much more likely to create conflict and make bad judgements during those conflicts.

If you get a holiday letter from me this year, you won't see any mention of how "busy" we are because, frankly, I'm working on making us less "busy." But, you WILL see lots of examples of us taking time for leisure!


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