Are You a Marriage "Team Partner"?

The most important "team" you'll ever find yourself on is in your marriage, so it's worth investing time and effort into being the best team you can be.

Read-on to find out five ways you can embrace marriage as a team, from Huffington Post reporter Ashleigh Slater:

  1. Get on the same page: Anyone will tell you compatibility is key, especially when it comes to hopes and dreams. Does your partner have similar goals and hopes for the future?

  2. Enjoy something new: Trying new things as a couple can bond you and widen your horizons. By stepping out of our comfort zones with our partner, we're saying, "I trust you."

  1. Choose lightheartedness: Lightheartedness isn't just enjoying laughter with your partner, it's also a sign that you're willing to let things go. If your partner has hurt you in the past, consider NOT holding a grudge.

  2. Make peace with the past: Instead of focusing on past struggles as a hindrance, consider reframing them into ways the two of you can grow.

  3. Fight as allies: Instead of looking at conflict as me vs. you, think about teaming-up against the problem at-hand and making the problem the enemy instead of your partner. By doing this, you're saying you have each other's backs, even when the going gets rough.

  4. The world is scary enough, so why go it alone when you're in a relationship. Instead, strengthen your bond by experiencing your relationship as the best team you'll ever know.


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