What's Your "Theory"?

You may have heard about the importance of the "developmental" years (around ages 5-12) and wondered what they mean. What are we "developing" exactly?!

Turns out, these years are when we develop our basic "theories" about the world - Is the world safe or scary? Are people generally trustworthy or untrustworthy? Are we capable or incapable of doing things ourselves? Are we in control of our lives or are others? Is conflict OK or not?

What's so interesting is that these "theories" follow us through life. For example, if you learn the world is "scary" very early, you're likely to find "evidence" to support your theory in every experience you have.

When you're presented with a new job opportunity, you may be likely to turn it down because it's too scary to move to another city, and you'll find evidence to support this - "Remember Samantha? She moved to Dallas and got robbed the first night she was there!"

If you're interested in changing your "theories," it's possible to do it - with a lot of work. First, you need to be aware of your "theories." Then, look for "evidence" that proves your theory wrong - "Remember Ashley? She moved to Dallas and is doing great!"

These "theories" shape our lives and our decisions. So, what's YOURS?


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