Feel Free To Fantasize!

Perhaps you've heard about the value of imagining success - the idea that, if you "practice" something, then you're more likely to be successful at it. For example, if you imagine yourself running that half marathon and finishing, then you're more likely to actually DO it. And, do it successfully.

Before the era of MRI's and brain scans, we thought this was just coincidence. But, now we know the truth: There's a scientific explanation behind the power of imagination.

Let's say you imagine yourself finishing that half marathon. If you REALLY dig deep and allow yourself to REALLY feel what it would be like to finish the race, your brain actually believes you've finished. Which is to say that, when you fantasize about the race, the parts of your brain that "light up" are exactly the same as when you actually finish the race. You've, essentially, tricked your mind into thinking you've done the work - without doing it!

By the time you actually run the race, your mind feels like it's already done this before. It says to itself, "I already know what to do!" And, that can make certain experiences and challenges much easier. TADA!

So, allow yourself to imagine overcoming your next challenge, and really feel what it would be like to be successful. Not only will it make the challenge less daunting, but, for your brain anyway, you'll feel like you're in familiar territory!


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